Tuesday, August 21, 2007

extra feature: Mia playing with her Dada video

Mia just may be going through another growth spurt! She went to bed @ 7:30pm Sunday night, and didn't wake up till 11am! Then she ate and ate and ate. We hit Ready Set Play for a while, then came home for a nap @ 1pm...yes, she was only awake for 2 hours. When she woke up, we went to a playdate at her friend Keri's house. Mia was the oldest kid, but she was very careful with the little ones, and had a blast. I got to visit with other mamas and play with some other kids, so I had a blast, too :)

We got home around 4:30, and Daryl was home by 5. Yes, 5!!!! It was wonderful to have him home so early. There's a project at work that's been keeping him out until 7 or later most nights. While he so very happily played with Mia, I was able to get dinner cooked without Mia wanting to 'help' me. He was silly and wore Mia's shirt and a pair of my lounge pants on his head much to Mia's excitement! She ate all her dinner, and some of mine. Mia was in bed @ 7:30 and sleep till 9 this morning. Growth spurt.

The Little Gym Fall session is underway, and today was Mia's first class. We have a new teacher, Miss Leah and she's fabulous!! Yay!! There were a few new kids, but many of our old friends, too. It made for a very fun class. Mia has recently been digging the bars. She climbs up on a block, reaches and grabs a bar, then swings her legs forward and just swings and hangs till she drops. She was plopping on her booty, but then noticed her buddy Sydney was landing on her feet. Ohhhhhh my FEET. With a little practice, she's now landing on her feet. Daryl wanted video, but I forgot my camera. Next week.

Mia enraptured with her silly Dada