Monday, August 27, 2007

New Elmo doll & Swingin at Little Gym

Since Mia's been born, I've been collecting the 'codes' found on the inside of Pampers products, and entering them online in their Gifts to Grow program. You get 1 point for every pack of wipies and 1-3 points for diapers depending on the quantity in the box. Well, I've saved up around 120 points and redeemed 80 for a bilingual Elmo doll. It came in yesterday!

Mia's been going to Little Gym since the Spring, and has NOT wanted anything to do with the bars there. Well, ever since I accidentally hit her head on one while trying to pick her up so she could reach it. Ever since then, she's been aggressively opposed to the bars...all 4 of them. Well, that was until last week when she saw how much fun her friend, Sydney, was having. Now she's a swinging fool! Here's a little clip, and you can here other activities in the background, but she wanted no part of them. She started off on one of the thicker bars, but had a hard time holding on. Then we switched to the thinner bar and she really went to town.

big hug and a kiss for good measure look at meeeeeeeeeswingin like a lil monkey Mia's first ponytail Owie sho got from jumping off a chair at 1/2 price books this belly needed a zerbert from Dada giving the Rolling Stones logo a run for it's money got by the tickle monster!!!