Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mia took 'row your boat' to a new level

We spend this past weekend at Tom and Dee's beach house at the coast...Port O' Connor, with Tom, Dee and Memaw. We had an eventful ride down. Mia needed a new video for the trip, so we stopped at the Walmart in Lulling for a DVD with Elmo and Friends!!!! Mia's seen Elmo on Sesame Street before, but hasn't really shown any real interest. Well, that's all changed! He's her new fav...she calls him Melmo. Tooooo cute. She also digs Big Bird, who she calls Big Bird :) We didn't get there till after midnight, and guess what? Mia didn't nap on the way, so she was beyond tired. After playing with Nana and showing off her new baby doll and tetas, checking out a lizard we found...she was not impressed...she hit the sack.

Apparently the Gleinser clan all hit Walmart the day before and Mia scored BIG! She got a new life jacket, a swimming pool with toys, and Memaw got her a very cool bubble blowing machine! It needed batteries, but sweet Memaw was a good sport and blew them the old fashioned way until she was flat out of air.

Tom, Daryl and I went out fishing Saturday morning. I caught a pretty decent black tipped shark, and the guys caught some whiting and some gafftop. We didn't keep anything, though. All the rain lately has caused the bay and Gulf area water to drop in salinity, so the fish tend to take off toward saltier water....deep in the Gulf. We had a fine time, regardless...even if you're not catching, fishing's always fun! While we were out, Mia got some quality time with her Nana and Memaw.

That night we hit Clark's Restaurant for dinner. MMMMMMmmmmmm goooooood! To bad Mia's teething got the best of her, and I had to take her home early :( I secretly think she just wanted back in her swimming pool.

It really was a nice visit, but we had to head home Sunday.....only AFTER Mia got her first boat ride!!!! We've all been waiting for this moment. She was all sun blocked, had her hat on, and her life vest. She really did like it. Actually she LOVED it, but only when Papa drove as fast as he could go! We've got a speed demon on our hands, and we love it. Mia checked out all the birds and liked the pelicans a lot. We drove out to where Tom and Dee are thinking about being some land for another beach house. It's gorgeous out there. We can't wait to take Mia out fishing.....maybe next year ;)

Daddy & daughter loving the ride

The Channel

The fam

Mia & her Mama

Bubble fun with Memaw

With her Papa

driving the boat with her Papa



Nana and Mia having fun @ Clark's

Video of Mia's first boat ride