Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potpourri (not the stinky stuff...random things)

Mia is enamored with her 98 cent lamb book we got at 1/2 price books the other day (when she got her owie). She wants to read it all the time. SHE wants to read it, she will not let us touch it. She even kisses it. I think it's because it's so cutely shaped like a lamb.

Today she pointed at my camera and said 'camera'. She keeps calling Daryl either 'my Dada' (which he adores) or 'Honey' in the tone I use to ask him to do things...'Honey, can you pick up your shoes?' Yeah, he prefers 'my Dada', but the honey thing is really funny...for me :)

Mia wants to do it all...herself and all by herself...don't get to close while she's working on something tough or she'll just glare at you! She wants to put on her own shoes, comb her hair, climb up onto the dinning chairs to play her Elmo computer game. While I love most of this, it's hard to get her to give up the shoe thing when we're trying to get out the door.

Along with 'puppy', Daryl taught her who Bert & Ernie are. She really digs Ernie, but won't give Bert the time of day. Here's a clip of video of her using the furniture like she was at Little Gym, and reading a book about Ernie and Melmo.

She's also picked up 'alright' and says it all the time:
Mama: wanna go?
Mia: Alright
Mama: want a snack?
Mia: Alright

she sounds as ambivalent as a teenager...something I think is cute, but that I'm just not ready for.

Also, when you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer, she'll raise her hands and shrug her shoulders, and look around in wonderment letting you know that she just doesn't know.

Mia started the Fall semester at
Emler Swim School today. She has the same teacher...Miss Chantal. There are 3 other mama/kid teams, but today was their first day ever. The kids were getting acclimated to the water in their mama's arms, while Mia was wowing them by swimming across the pool! The parents were amazed, and Chantal and I were very proud. After her showboating, Mia got down to some real fun and kept turning herself over and over, splashing and playing, laughing and having the best time. So, thank you, Mom. Mia and I both love her class. *My mom is Mia's swimming and Little Gym patron, and we all appreciate it :)

I also wanted to include a cute little/short clip of Mia kickin a ball around at Texas Jumping Beans yesterday. After a kick or two, she does this high knee giant steps that are amusing.

doing it herself

I just don't know lamby kisses reading her lamb herself pucker up, buttercup