Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We're in!!!

How is it already Tuesday?!?!

Last week we had to finish packing, which was VERY difficult with the Snapper under foot. The girls really helped a lot. Lori and Sarah came over their little ones to keep Mia occupied and happy while the Mamas helped me pack. Suzy and Livie came over a few times. Livie and Mia get on so well and Suzy is a fabulous packer. She packed up Mia's whole room. Well, not the breakables. That's my job...for every one's safety, I pack all the breakables, so if anything gets damaged, I only have myself to blame. Suzy wants to move up to the packer of breakables...I just have to think about that one :)

My mom and her housekeeper, Raquel came up on Thursday. Mom played with Mia while Raquel helped me. Yea for help! Our big move was on Friday, and everything went very well. I highly recommend Blue Ribbon Movers. We've used them a few times, and they are always the best. They actually finished 2 hrs earlier than the estimated time. Yea for saving $$!!!

Joe had his birthdaypalooza Saturday afternoon. What a welcome break from unpacking. We were a little late...will never wake up a toddler before her time. Dee & Tom brought some delicious BBQ from Rudy's, and there were some of Ann's (Melissa's mom) lemon bars. They are indeed a little square of heaven. I hadn't seen Carl (Melissa's Dad) in so long. He really is one of the nicest/funniest/loving guys around. We 'waltzed across Texas' with Gwen, and she was so happy about it. I pretty much hung outon the floor with my head on Gwen's bunny chair/pillow while everyone played with Mia. I LOVE family, they know when you need a break. I just didn't have much energy from the move. Everyone played pool and with the wii (even Tom, Dee and Carl)for a while. It really was a good time. Oh, and they were so generous to send us a huge tin of leftovers.

Since then, we've been unpacking and trying to get the other house straightened up. Raquel cleaned the whole thing!!, but Daryl still had to get a bunch of stuff out, and repaint Mia's room back to white. Joe helped...he sure does tape well. No paint on the floor. Not even a drop!

Mom and Raquel left Sunday, already missing Mia, and Mia missing them. Mia still asks for her 'Ta' and wants to sing the Spanish songs Raquel had taught her.

I don't even know what happened yesterday.

Today, Sarah & Lori came over with the girls for a playdate. It was so nice watching the girls explore the house...especially the stairs. I do believe that we'll be keeping the slide indoors now. The new house is smack in the middle of Sarah's and Lori's. I love that we're all so close. Suzy came over and let me watch Livie while she went to an appt. We had house full of laughing children.

Pictures to come once I find the accessories to the computer. They're safe in some box yet to be unpacked.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Scottish Rite is alllll right!!!!

Mia had her 6 month follow up appt today at the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas. The drive up was great. We stopped at a McDonald's to play and stretch for a while, then we were there.

We LOVE this place! They are so geared for children. Everything is colorful and fun. Well, all except the x-rays. We think Mia remembered the last set taken in January. As soon as she walked in and saw the equipment, she started crying. Let me tell you, the staff is always fabulous, but Norma the X-ray tech was not. She was abrupt and quick and not very warm and friendly. It was a horrible 10 min that seemed like 10 years. Mia cried so hard she threw up! She NEVER does that. Daryl and I had to pretty much hold her in traction in different positions. While I know this is necessary, it doesn't make it any easier.

After that ordeal, we went to play in the waiting room with the other kids for about 5 min before they called us in. There were some little girls around 4 years old that either wanted to adopt Mia, or lock her out of the playhouse. Girls can be so fickle. Mia just hung out, checking them out and drinking her milk.

Mia's been asked to participate in a scoliosis study. Over the next few years they'll measure her chest, sitting height, and arm span to check for any differences in lung development. Apparently lung development may be hampered by scoliosis. When Dr. Birch (love him!) and his team came in, he'd already checked out her x-rays and was ready to tell us all about Mia. He said that x-rays taken when standing up are usually worse than the ones taken while reclined. The spine is caring the weight of the body, and if there's any real trouble it'll show. While Mia still has her hemi-vertebrae anomaly, the spine hasn't curved more...even with her growth spurts!!! So, if her head tilts (she's in one now) stay stuck, if a bump appears where the issue is on her back, if she looses function in her legs, or seems to be in pain (He said all very unlikely) that she's good to go till next year!!!! Mama and Dada exhaled :)

Oh, while waiting for the Doc, we found that one of Mia's last 4 molars had broken through and while getting dressed and looking in the mirror, I asked her where Mia was and she pointed to herself (something she's been doing for a while), but this time I asked her 'what's your name?' and she said 'Mia' !!! We got it on tape while we were driving home. Big day for the snapper!

playing out some energy at the SR park before the drive home

The What's Your Name Game

you try packing with a snapper!

Ugh! Packing sucks!!! There. I've said it.
Sunday, Sarah, Lori and I got together for Lori's birthday brunch d0-over at the Cheesecake Factory (we had nachos for breakfast! I LOVE IT!!). Her birthday was a little over 6 months ago, but she had a severe gum infection, so any kind of eating was out of the question...well, soups, but where's the fun in THAT?!?! We've been trying to get together w/o the kids lately, and it's so hard to coordinate. I asked Daryl why he thought getting 3 gals together is so difficult. Well, he informed me, it's really getting 9 people coordinated by the time you add the Dads and the kids. We had a lovely time catching up. Then we hit Barnes & Noble for coffee/chai and browsing of the books. We didn't even go into the kids section :)

When I finally got home, Mia was up from he nap and ready to go, go , go! I couldn't find a copy of the new Harry Potter, so we hit the B&N in our area. No luck. So we walked Mia around the mall. It was funny....Daryl said he over heard a guy who was pushing what it seemed to be a 4 yr old in a stroller say to his wife, 'and WHY are we pushing him again' after seeing Mia zoom by them. Daryl scored the book at the Borders Express! They had over a hundred copies of the sold out book...who knew? Mia had fun in the play area. Oh, and Daryl got a great shot of me with the snapper in the background enjoying her new fav pastime...picking her nose.

Yesterday, Lori and Sarah come over with the girls to help distract Mia while I packed. WELL, they helped pack AND brought lunch!!!! I ended up getting a lot done, and Mia was worn out. I need to pick up a little broom and dustpan b/c Mia was very insistent on 'helping'. Suzy and Livie came over for some play time and we were so happy they stayed for dinner, too. So Mama and Mia got a lot of time with friends yesterday....and some boxes got packed, too :)

In a little bit, we're headed off to Dallas for Mia's 6 month review on her back. The hospital is so great and entirely geared for kids, so even though Mia probably can't remember her last visit, we're hoping she'll dig it.

happy little monkey

she was a little disturbed by her reflection in the funhouse mirror

Mama and her little nose picker

Saturday, July 21, 2007

It's about time!

Mia's a year and a half, and today we took her to the Children's Museum for the first time!!! I've been bunches of times with other people's kids, but not with my own. It was special.

We were downtown at the Statesman picking up end rolls for packing, and since we were down there we hit the museum and had a ball. They had a cool exhibit with images on a screen that interacted with our shadows. I zoomed back and forth with little thingies 'chasing' me, Mia and I had butterflies land on our heads. It was just too cool. I really did have to pry myself away

Daryl and I settled in with the other parents while our kids explored the toddler area. Mia really dug a turtle puppet just like the one at lapsit. She got a line of other kids to follow her UP the slide and DOWN the stairs...she's a rebel, that one. Mia loved all the ball mazes and had a blast. Then we checked out the area where the traveling exhibits usually are and it was filled with huge boardgames. Mia played a little chess with her Dada, and then watched a father teach his daughter (about 8 years old) the finer points of Connect Four. Then Mia saw the bigger slide. Daryl and I hung out while she slid and slid, until we couldn't anymore and we helped her find something else to do. The girl could slide forever and she'd say it was over too soon. :) It really was a nice family afternoon. We're going to have to go back soon, maybe when it's not so packed and crazy.

Then a quick bite and off to Suzy and Livie's house to hang out for a while. Man, Mia and Livie get on so well. Livie was so excited she came up to Suzy to tell her that her friend was here. Then she looked at me, and excitedly told her Mama that Mama's friend was here, too! Livie kept calling Mia her baby, and Mia kept looking around for the baby. Adorable. After a nice visit, we hit the road, and thankfully Mia didn't sleep till she was cozy in her crib.

Here's some video of Mia expressing her wishes with 'no, no, no' and then singing the theme from the Eebee show....anything to keep from bed, bath or things of that nature.

Friday, July 20, 2007

the things a Mama says

These are a few things I found myself saying to my daughter today:
  • I think we can fit in a quick walk before it starts raining
  • 1-2-3 JUMP!!!
  • Sure, we can stop at the park in the rain
  • Sorry Mia. The slide was wayyyyyyy slipperier than I thought
  • row, row, row your boat
  • Hold on, honey, let me help you off that hippo
  • How could all of THAT come out of such a sweet little girl!?!?!
  • See Mama? Ok. Push that button, and it'll take a picture of me. Here, let me hold it steady for you
  • row, row, row your boat
  • No, that's not the 'sky', that's the ceiling, but you were very close
  • open your mouth. what's that? Mia, no eating dog food...ok, but not too much. Did I ever tell you that when your mama was little, she ate cat food...with milk crystals!
  • 1-2-3 JUMP!!!
  • row, row, row your boat....
  • THAT"S the sky
  • no, Mia, you can't write on your melon (piece of melon @ dinner)
  • no, Mia, you can't write on the dog

Mia took the following picture of me. She was very interested in the camera, and the 'mama' she saw on the screen. I held it a little steady for her, and she pushed the button, then chuckled when she saw the picture she'd taken.

Very adamant that the sky is up there

Mia, with a yogurt mustachio, riding her hippo

Bean Beans

A little clip of Mia eating her lunch. It's long and just about her saying 'bean bean' instead of 'green bean'. I could hear her say it all day long (she is that cute when she says it), and now I can. Enjoy.

Our 1 1/2 year old

Today marks Mia's 1 1/2 year birthday!

I wasn't blogging when she was 6 months old, so I'm glad I took oodles of pictures (only 353 that month!) to go by. From the looks of it, she was definitely teething...fingers in mouth, much drool... Loved hanging out in her pool, but maybe didn't think her sunglasses were all that, but she wore them. Actually, she's been into the shades her Guelita got her. VERY Elton Johnesque. She was just starting to eat solids...by solids I mean squished bananas. Now, she's eating everything and with a fork and spoon!! She loved yanking on my hair and laughing with her Daddy. Already an avid reader...or chewer of books, we have many pics of her with her Boyton books. We have pics of her sitting on Gwen...when she was in Melissa's tummy still. Now Mia is en garde when it comes to Gwen. Just yesterday, Gwen was checking Mia out from a far, then pounced on all fours, made a beeline for Mia...who was not amused BTW. Poor Gwen just wanted to explore and play. Mia looked at Melissa and me as if to say 'can you teach the little one about personal space and boundaries?' It really was cute. Oh, at 6 mo, Mia was very into her feet...always sticking her toes in her mouth...teething perhaps, but fixated nonetheless.

From her Dr visit at 6 months, Mia's stats implied that Mia was short, fat and had a big head. Well, we haven't been to her 18 mo appt yet, but I think she's taller, leaner and kinda grown into her noggin, but yes...she is a girl with a big brain :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Nana the lifeguard at the Gleinser Sprinkler Park
We spent the day visiting Nana, Pa Pa & Memaw yesterday. They got a wonderful sprinkler/mini-pool for the girls. Mia tried it out, and I think she'd highly recommend it to Gwen. Playing in the water makes this little girl so happy, and wears her out! Pa showed Mia the birdseed they fill the feeders with...she ate the seed, of course.
Thirsty lil fish

Mia getting fed a Cheerio by her Auntie M

This morning, we hopped over to Auntie M & Gwen's place for a fun playdate. Noa, Blake and their Mamas played, too. Gwen is on the verge of taking her first steps! I know, it's so exciting! The kids had a fun time playing with Gwens toys, trying to drink from each other's sippies and eating Cheerios off the clean floor. Good times. I'm so happy that Mia and Gwen get to play together so often.

Gwen & her crew (is it just me, or is Gwen growing up wayyyyy to fast?)

Gwen caught with her hand in the box

Stick a fork in her...she's done!

This afternoon, after a long nap (thanks Auntie M & Gwen for helping tucker her out) we walked down to the park. Since it'd been raining so much lately, and we were out of town, we haven't been there for a while. The playscape looks smaller now that Mia is visibly bigger. She used to have to crawl over the retaining walls. Now, she just puts her hands down and throws her long legs over! She slid till she could slide no more. Then grabbed her juice and started walking home :)

Dada was a ton of fun tonight. We danced around to Mia's Eebee music. Mia colored (her new fav) while Daryl and I played cards. One big happy family. It really was a nice day.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Life with the Snapper

We've been having a blast with Mia! She's gone from us having to entertain her to being quite interactive herself. Among other words, she now says:
I love you (keep in mind...out of context, these sounds may not sound precisely right)
thank you
and she learned hopper today thanks to a couple of cute little grasshoppers that let me pick them up so I could show my daughter what the pictures in her animal books are all about.

We hit a couple of playgroups this week, and am very happy to report that Mia is back to sliding down with big slide at Ready Set Play (we went twice in one day). Totally getting over the time another little girl freaked at the top and wouldn't go down. Obviously messing with Mia's mind a little. We also were back into the swing of things at Little Gym and swim lessons. She had the best day ever at Little Gym on Thursday. So confident and happy. She was ready to do her thang on the mats and equipment (especially the balance beam) and hang with her friends that she hadn't seen in two weeks. Then we hit Petco since it's next door. It's our weekly thing. Mia loves it and Niles usually ends up with a new ball or stuffed toy. Mia loves the rabbits, mice and birds the most. This week the ferrets were very active, so she really enjoyed their little show. Swim lessons rocked. I don't know, it just seems that since she's been back from her Guelita's house, she's been so much more confident.

Oh, we found and got a house in Wells Branch. We move in on the 27th! Mia gets stairs!!!! Yay!!!!

Today, after I had some salon time, the fam hit the open road for the Nana's house. We hung out with Melissa and Gwen until they headed home, then we went outside for some sprinkler time. Mia had a blast if you don't count her mama putting sunblock in her eye by accident. I think it works out incredibly well when Gwen gets Nana time, then we come in and share, then Mia gets Nana time. It must be easier on the Nana that way, too. My mom has always liked spending time with me then with my sister, it's just easier on her and we all get to feel special :)

On the way home, we were a little hungry....even after grazing at Nana's, so we stopped at the Lone Star in Lakeway. OMG their tempura shrimp wrap is amazing....3 tempura shrimp, pico, jalapenos, pineapple, honey mustard sauce and a little lettuce wrapped up in a warm well cooked four tortilla!!!! I think Mia's mingo (flamingo) can say they make a rockin' grilled cheese...Mia shares :) Speaking of Mia, she hit the bed HARD once we got home...hence the time to blog!

A great day! Now I'm gonna go snuggle with my honey :)

There! Right THERE is a mouse!!!

The girls

where's Mia?

squish the baby

Nana, I could do this FOREVERRRRRRRR

mingos need to eat, too, ya know

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cozumel (FINALLY posting)

Ok, it's been over a week since we got back, and I haven't really written anything about our vacation. The thing about a vacation is that when it ends, there's loads of laundry to do, and of course....a Snapper to catch up with :)

We flew out of McAllen, through Houston and ended up in sunny Cozumel Friday afternoon. Poor Dee and Tom had to deal with the weather in Austin and Dallas. Their flight was delayed, and they ended up flying into Cancun, taking a bus to Playa del Carmen and a ferry to Cozumel! But they did get there in time for drinks and dinner :) While they were in transit, Daryl and I spent some time at the ole swim up bar. I'd been jonesing for a Dirty Monkey since our honeymoon, and it was worth the wait! Cold, smooooth and ohhhh so tasty.

Well all headed to town Saturday and did a little shopping, eating and drinking...ahhhhh vacation. It's funny now that we have Mia how much stuff we think she 'needs' or would look so cute in. I think (and Mia concurs) the best buy was a purple velvet Charro hat. Mia is a lover of hats and purple is the first color she learned how to say and identify. So there ya go, a purple hat! We spent that evening at the Mexican restaurant at the resort celebrating Dee's birthday. Tom arranged for a chocolate birthday cake (I swear it was solid fudge!), and Daryl arranged for some tequila shots. Dee got a flaming shot that she thought was something else, but no, it was tequila :)

Sunday Daryl and I spent the morning at the pool for some SCUBA stuff and we all just hung out under the palapas on the beach or by the pool. Tom bought a very interesting souvenir that he'll have to show you..or at least ask him about it when you see him next. Well, some of you might not know him or be able to ask in person, so only YOU...scroll down to the very end and I'll tell you what it is. For those who want to see it or ask him...don't read the last part at the very end of the blog :)

Monday Daryl and I went out for a 2 tank dive. The dives were about 45 min each and absolutely fabulous. We saw 3 barracuda, we swam with 2 sea turtles, I spotted a vivid green moray eel, and HUGE colorful fish. The coral reefs were amazing and I really wish our pictures would have come out better, but we were 50 ft below. We went through some amazing tunnels, too.

Tuesday we rented a car and tooled around the island. Stopping at Mezcalitos for lunch. The same Siamese cat was there from our Honeymoon...we feed her shrimp again. I did a little beach combing and found some interesting things...shells, rocks, coral, bottles, coconuts, a doll's leg (creepy!)...not so much debris, but very pretty sand smoothed stones. We hit Margaritaville and Tom was in the dance contest (I have some awesome video, but need to find time to go through it)for a free T-shirt. He was against 3 guys in their 20's, but Tom gave them a real run for the prize...until he blew out his knee!!! An awesome Dr came to his room and gave him several shots of cortisone and a painkiller that is very common, but I just can't think of the name right now. Oh, lidocaine. There, I won't be up all night trying to remember :) The shots made him feel better, but he was still on bed rest, so Dee, Daryl and I hit all the bars in the resort for beer. He was NOT going to go without on the last night of vacation! It was fun trying to walk from the lobby bar all the way back to our rooms by the pool/beach carrying cups of alcohol. I only spilled a few drops.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about our room! It was amazing! On the second floor right in front of the pools/bar and the beach. It was the room/view they used for their brochures we figured out after checking out their book. The food was really great and we loved checking out the flamingos, iguanas and macaws. Just so peaceful. A great vacation that we all so needed.

Daryl & I at the steak restaurant

my VERY handsome husband

our view from the room

beach combing

Tom & and some guys about to do a bravery shot before the dance contest
Awwwww Dee & Tom

Happy Birthday shot of tequila!

girls will shop

feeling festive

fabulous night at the Mexican restaurant

awwww can you feel the love?

about town

SCUBA in the pool before the big dives

***Tom got a sculpture carved from fishbone of a human skull!!!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

fun with food

Since we've been home with the Snapper, we've been having all sorts of fun...especially in the kitchen. We think she may be going through a little growth spurt...from a shoe size 4 to a 5 1/2 in two weeks! She's eating a lot! A whole banana in one sitting. That just never happened at snack time before. Just a little while ago, she had two helpings of grapes & crackers w/ cream cheese.

Just a quick note about how she remembers things. Today, on the walk back from the park, she stopped, squatted and started blowing. I hunched down to take a look, and she was trying to blow the seeds off a dandelion puff :) We did this once about a month ago. A steel trap for a brain she has.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos of fun foodtime with Mia:


Fork Usage & Harassing her Dada for Milk

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Guest Blogger: Mia's Guelita

Since Mia was visiting her Guelita for a whole week, I really can't tell you what went on down there. My mom has so sweetly started writing about their adventures, and I'll post the installments as I receive them...with some snaps!

A Summer Visit from my Granddaughter
Saturday sleep over at the ranch

Mia, Raquel, and I arrived around 5 in the evening. With their tall curled tails, 7 short ranch dogs greeted us as we entered the last gate. Mia squealed with laughter as the dogs surrounded her.

It was an unusually cool evening as the ranch dogs followed Mia. Uncle Joe, Aunt Penny, Rick, Laura, Raquel, and I also followed Mia as she walked very, very fast. She was on her way to see the cows as they moved from one pasture to the next. Mia pointed to the cows, horse and made sounds for “What does the cow/horse/etc say?” But her delightful giggles were given to the ranch dogs.

I was taking pictures of Mia looking at cows …and then along came a bull…I asked Mia to walk towards the bull… I aimed my camera. I had forgotten that sometimes Mia tends to walk very, very fast. As I shot the photo, I heard my sister & brother-in-law yelling, “ Get her, get her!” Mia was very, very close to the bull. I scooped her up and I can vouch she can now identify a bull and the noise he makes!

During Sunday lunch, I asked Mia…”What does a cat/dog/horse/owl/lamb say?”…When asked what a bull says, Mia made a deep long sound that caused everyone at the table to smile and laugh… Uncle Joe practically fell over and Aunt Penny had tears in her eyes from laughing so hard. Mia was a hit…no one had heard that sound except from a bull.

Lovely ladies visiting

Ride 'em cowgirl!

Guelita & Mia petting a little (big) calf

Hey, Guelita, that's MY favorite puppy!

Uncle Joe enjoying Mia enjoying the ranch

What's over there Aunt Penny?

Mia, stealing a strawberry from the turtle! Mia's new pal
Yes, she is that close to a BULL!!!!!!