Thursday, January 22, 2009

Operation Cupcake

The night before Layla's big party, Jenni called in the troops to help with cupcake duty. We came armed with cupcake pans and cooling racks...she supplied some beer. We had a super fab time decorating and hangin out. When my area was full of decorated cupcakes, I'd call out 'Cupcake Removal!' and someone would whisk the decorated ones away while someone else brought in more cupcakes that needed to be iced. Stephanie and I did most of the icing (I did notice that my area was a disaster and Steph's was says a LOT about us), Christen was an Ace with the sprinkles. Mel blew up a bunch of those punch balloons, and Jenni was running around mixing and baking. It was a BLAST!

The next day at Layla's Cowgirl party, all the cupcakes were displayed in all of their confectionery splendor....we were proud and at the ready for any other cupcake emergencies!

this awesome shot of me was taken by processing,

I cropped my allergy swollen eyes me, it was needed :)

I decorated this lil mini cupcake, and for some reason I grew kind of attached to it.

Isn't it purdy?


Anonymous said...

They look yummy AND pretty! Looks like you all had a ton of fun.

anja said...


Christen said...

so much fuuunnn. mmmmmm, cupcakes.

Unknown said...

Yummy! I need mas, muy rapido!

jw said...

Thanks for coming to my rescue that night, ladies. It was fun and the cupcakes were beautiful!