Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Taste of Ethiopia

Recently, I joined three lovely O'Mamas for a Taste of first try at the cuisine, and I'm hooked! It was the coolest that many Ethiopians eat with their hands using injeras to scoop up the stew like wat...very much like how I was raised using tortillas to scoop up Mexican food. The owner of the restaurant was one of the most hospitable women I'd EVER met! She lovingly cooked up some tasty vegetarian and meat wats (I have no idea if that's grammatically correct) for us to sample. I know I was in heaven...and I'm pretty sure Courtney, Erica and Melissa were as well. After stuffing ourselves quite full, we couldn't pass on chocolate cake (cake that I couldn't finish, so she wrapped it in foil and created a sweet bird). We were delighted by a coffee ceremony. It was such a beautiful display...and I was sooo hoping the coffee tasted like chai, but no. Oh, the owner was so doting. Once she found out I was pregnant, she gave me extra vegetables, and only a dash of coffee in my milk...just to taste :) I love her and will be back soon!...Courtney, I do believe we have a lunch date there on Monday, right?

the following shot of us was taken by the owners husband...I think

from left: Erica, Courtney, me and Melissa


Jennifer Hoech said...

Can I go, can I go??

Andrea said...

I have to join you next time!!!

Killlashandra said...

Wow, looks like a wonderful and tasty meal. :) I wish I could go too.

The Real Storey said...
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