Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mia is having a wonderful time

A note from the Nana:
Sent: Sat 4/19/2008 4:20 PM
From: Diane Gleinser (Nana)

Hi guys! Hope you are enjoying some down time this weekend!

Mia is having a wonderful time. She's been outside more than inside, helping PawPaw catch minnows to feed the baby ducks, feeding the pond fish, counting fish, playing with the dogs and swinging. Today we went to the Founders Day festival in Drippin'. We had fajitas for lunch, a sno-cone (very red and very much indelible coloring!) and then rode the merry-go-round and the train! We tried the ferris wheel, but she wasn't too sure about that one, so we got out of line. We played a very fun game - if you pick two ducks up out of a swimming pool (with hundreds of ducks in it) you get a free prize!! Well,..not free, but Mia didn't care, She had to have a bright green teddy bear - she named it Hammy!

I had to make a prune juice run on the way back from the festival, but no worries.....PawPaw suggested to Mia that she close her eyes and take a nap, and she thought that was a FINE idea. Two seconds later, she was out like a light. She didn't even blink when we picked her up out of the carseat and plunked her in bed. It was a very busy afternoon for a little girl!!

Hope I get to see you tomorrow! I have to leave around 12:30 to catch a plane to CA.

Love you!


As my buddy Andrea would say, I puffy heart her.