Monday, April 28, 2008

the trip to Ita's in review

Mia and I had an amazing time visiting my mom last week. I was able to relax on the hammock swing and watch my daughter play with her Ita. Ita brought out the Peter Rabbit tea set. Mom also brought out my little school desk...during last Thanksgiving, my cousin Michelle taught Mia how to draw a turkey using the shape of her hand...Mia still loves to do this.

My mom has a fabulous it, she's hidden little animals. A pair of doves, a turtle, a lizard and a rabbit that all seem to find different hiding spots every night. Mia had the funnest time finding them all over again each morning. She even tried to feed them flowers.

Julie, a family friend, came over with her two awesome kids, Mara & Miran. Mia was thrilled to have a playdate...even though she gnawed on a princesses head and spilled bubble juice. She was captivated by Mara & Miran's rough play with each other. They had a ball on...and off the swing.

My mom had a bird bath that fell over and the bowl broke in half, so she made a sculpture out of it...Mia shouted, 'LOOK mama! Ita has CLAMS!'
Every evening, Mia 'helped' her Ita water. Ita watered the plants, Mia watered the weeds. Ummm, sometimes Mia got a little wet :)

oh yeah, Mia has an affinity for Max's food....Max is Ita's DOG!...she would actually sneak into the kitchen and steal some. When asked what she just ate, she replied 'nothing'.
We also went to the butterfly garden and birding center. Mia ran and ran and ran. Ita pointed out a few things of interest. Mia also met the wrong end of a cactus....but just barely.
Mia and I hit the local art & science museum. She had a hard time understanding why people put all these velvet ropes everywhere...barricades don't apply to her. She also found some building supplies and had fun with binoculars.

and some other fav pics:


Andrea said...

What a wonderful visit! And great photos! I had a smile on my face as I read through it.

Stephanie said...

I'm so loving your photos! I need a camera like that! I love your Mom's garden. I miss my flower garden from Vermont.