Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just call us the visitors

Mia loves to water/mist her Chia caterpillar and does it every morning. Mia had swimming today. She swam the whole width of the herself!!!! All this swimming at our neighborhood pool is helping her in class. She's a water baby, just like her mama.

Then we went over to hang with Mama Stephanie and her awesome boys, Roarke & Cole. I just adore Stephanie, we can chat forever about anything. I feel so relaxed around her. Roarke really engaged with Mia. He wanted to show her all sorts of stuff. She would look at something or other and say 'cooool' or 'wow'. To go off to another room and play...without fabulous. She obviously feels super comfy around the boys and in their home.

Pizza then playtime outside. Mia is enamored with their big truck...she can't move it yet, but she loves it just the same. When it was time to go, she was almost in tears...her hand outstretched towards it, saying 'bye bye truck' 'I'll see you soon'.

Nap. A long and much needed nap.

Then we hopped over to Kiwe & baby Mia's house. Baby Mia is 4 months old, I met her about 4 days after she was born. I'm obviously partial to her name. She's a cutie. Mia sized her up a bit, pretended SHE was a baby (laying on the floor, and covering herself up with a baby printed changing cloth...clean). I wonder if she felt like she was going to be replaced by 'Baby Mia'. She got over it kind of quickly, and went off to play with pot holders, clean diapers, a soft brown monkey. Their place wasn't child proof, and why should it yet, but Mia did so well. Kiwe let me have a DVD for the Rebel I just bought. I'm getting so much help and encouragement, that I feel so fortunate to have such good friends.