Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not your average hump day

This fabulous day all started at the park with Courtney & Izzy, Allison & her Sarah and Kristopher...and Alli's awesome friend, Heather. It was a wonderful time to say the least.

Then music class. Miss Vanessa is the bomb! Then we hopped over to spend some time with Sharon & Corbin and Gale & Che. Mia found one of Corbin's toy cows. She put it in it's pen and said 'I have a cow and now it's mine'. I wish we can all be that honest about our desires.

Back at home with Daddy, we enjoyed storytime, snuggle and tickle time in our big bed before Mia was off to her little one. We were showing Daddy how the new wiggle song from class goes. You wiggle your index fingers to the music...then that, of course, turned into 'hey, Mia' do hook 'em horns! She almost had it last season...ok..the had the peace sign down pat. This time she got it but kept saying 'hop on corns'. We laughed, Mia laughed because we were laughing....

Just as we put Mia down, I got the call. What call? THE call. The call from Bonnie that our proofs were up!!!! I fumbled on the phone with her for a little bit. I somehow managed the strength to wait until Daryl got took him about 8 seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. We sat down and enjoyed the experience of seeing ourselves through Bonnie's eyes. I actually cried. Daryl said we could get a 24x30 canvas without making the money face! There's a gorgeous shot of our family snuggling under a tree that's perfect. It's going to be hard to narrow it down for the prints.


S- said...

Your photography skills are improving so much!!!