Saturday, April 5, 2008

a weeks worth of fun all rolled up into one blog post

The Wednesday before last, Mia and I went over to O'Mama Belinda's house for a playdate with David & Ava...and a whole bunch of other kids. David has an alter super-ego that happens to be a super hero. Belinda a couple of books on the topic of imaginary friends. In The Gorilla Did It, the messy boy blamed it all on an imaginary gorilla. Just like Mia blamed her cereal mess on the grasshopper.
Thursday: swim class...she was AWESOME!

Friday: playdate at Auntie M & Gwen's place. The kids played outside and had a fab time with the sidewalk chalk. Mia gravitated towards Sarah, who just turned 3. Sometimes she'd rather play with someone instead of parallel play.
Saturday: Mia Ballerina morning. She's just too precious for words. She may not follow everything in class, but she'll do it all later in the car or at home :)
Monday: The playdate at Wendy & Zephyr's was canceled, so I invited some O'Mama's and their tots over here. Very spontaneous of me. We had a nice group gather, and since we all stayed in the living room, the mamas got to chat a little more than if we were herding our kids. Tuesday: Caterpillar Day with Andrea & Colton. Their backyard was FULL of kids. It was awesome. This playdate was connected with the caterpillars we ordered that, after making a chrysalis, they'd come out as beautiful Painted Ladies. (our caterpillars are now dead...Mia thinks they're taking a nap). Andrea read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and each mama brought one of the items the caterpillar ate. Mia had a plum for the first time...and salami. Everything else, she's quite fond of...especially pickles! Mia was in a tender mood, so after painting her caterpillar, we left.
Wednesday: Computer class! Mia rocks. When she sees a cd, she tells me 'Mama, put it in the cd rom drive. Seriously. After class we met up with some O'Mamas and their older kids, at Ready Set Play! Mia's really been into older kids. This morning was also a tender one, so we just hung out and chatted. still Wednesday: after nap, we ran over to Doc Harry's to see if Mia had an ear infection. He gave her a little adjustment, then we hopped over to our first Music Together class of the new session. I really dig the new instructor, but the moms were not so warm and welcoming...they all new each other. Since the class was at capacity, Mia had a hard time focusing. We'll be trying out the 3:30 class this week. 5 students compared to 12!
yes, more of to pick up some food for O'Mama Allison and Fam. She had just come home from the hospital with her newborn, Kristopher Ian. She wanted to chat, and her daughter Sarah wanted to Mia and I fell right into their comfy home and hung out for 2 hours! Kristopher feel asleep on my chest and slept for about and hour. Yes, I was in heaven.
Thursday: Swim class. Mia so rocks. We bought her fins, so she's ready to go swimming at the neighborhood pool..thankfully it's heated. That afternoon, we hosted a Bubbles & Balls playdate and we had about 9 mamas and their kids running crazy after bubbles in the back. Steph's older boy, Roarke was an awesome bubble blower, so he kept a lot of the kids busy while the others chased down beach balls and played in the sand box. A few mama's stayed behind and cracked open a beer. Nice and mellow. Friday: Mia saw Doc Harry again, and he confirmed the ear infection in one ear and swimmers ear in the other. I'm pretty confident in his ability to help Mia out without the use of antibiotics. The playdate at Central Market was rained out, so Mia and I went over and hung out with Gale and Che. Leah Ann and her Liam and Allie, Sharon & Corbin were also hangin' out. One of Gale's pals Cortney & her Kate were there, too. Che was following suit to Mia and was having a tender day. Mia was fine yesterday, but not Tues or Wed! We think she's having nightmares. Super laid back and cool time at Gales. It's so nice to hang out with friends while our kids play.

Today is Saturday, and we just returned home from Mia Ballerina class. We're now all relaxing b/c later, we're going to another sweet 2 year olds birthday party...tis the season.