Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Andrea's little Sophia turned 2 and and we all celebrated today..with a Pachanga New Orleans style! Crawfish , cascarones and a piñata what else do you need? Andrea's super cool prima, Yvonne, painted the kids faces....and a few adults, too :)

Mike and his dad were all over the boil. They had 100 POUNDS of crawfish!!!! Then they added in some spices, corn on the cob, potatoes, carrots and mushrooms. All that stuff was thrown down on a long tables covered in newspaper...Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez indeed :) Daryl was sucking on the heads like a pro...Mia dug it too, but her much beloved corn on the cob was just a little too spicy for her.

The Mamarazzi was all over the place...I had my camera out along with Andrea Bonnie and Mel. Since Andrea was sometimes very busy being the hostess with the mostess, her camera got passed around to me, Stephanie, Daryl and a few others. I can't wait to see everyone's pics!

Out came the pinata! It was a traditional star, and it was awesome. Mia had never seen one get hit with a stick before and she was amazed..until the pinata swung back and hit a kid..not hard, but enough to freak Mia out. It took quite a bit of coaxing, but she was game. It was her turn, so little Lauren came to give Mia the, up side the head. I barely touched Mia, but she was so tired and fragile by then, she just burst into tears. We went inside for some quiet time, and she rallied pretty well. Stephanie made some monster finger puppets for the kids' goody bags. Mia had one on her finger and was ROARING and GROWLING at her Daddy...they both loved it :)

It was an awesome party and we were so thrilled to be able to share in Sophia's special day :)

some AWESOME video of Mia blowing bubbles...dn't worry it's short:


Andrea said...

Man, you're speedy quick! I'm barely downloading my pics now. I should have had you or Daryl video the crazy pinata madness! Totally forgot you have that feature on your phone.

I had the BEST time, even as the hostess. It's amazing what a few beers will do.