Friday, August 24, 2007

and they all fall down

Gwen, Livie (yes, we have another Livie. She's Amy's), Phoebe and Gwyneth...and their lovely mamas came over to play this morning.I'm very impressed with Mia's sharing skills...she even shared a DUCK! The kids had a fabulous time playing with Mia's toys... the baby dolls were a hit, and so were the bubbles. Melissa did her thang where she's up then falls down and enchanted the kids....especially Livie. Here's a clip:

This morning, while setting up the toys, Mia found the tunnel and asked for it by name. It was in it's bag, so she drug it to me saying 'tunnel, tunnel'. Now we haven't had it out since we were at the other house, so it's been a while. Just more proof to me that kids are sponges, and talking with them...a lot... is paramount.
Here's a clip of Mia's Tunnel Time:

Love that silly Auntie M

Gwyneth admiring Livie's baby doll This little flower is Phoebe Livie taking a break with a baby doll Mama Amy hanging with Mia...and her baby doll Mama Melissa snuggling her little doll who's got a doll of her own pandemonium Livie can't decide between hats, she goes with BOTH

Phoebe snackin with her Mama, Cheng Chen