Friday, August 31, 2007

We just hosted a playdate

We had a blast and Mia is OUT!!!!

Mia and I hosted a playdate for a playgroup we belong to. There were 10 mamas and 12 kids (a set of twins, and a baby brother). Here's the roll call and some added trivia:
Melissa with Gwen (our very own Auntie M & Gwennie Pooh)
Christina with Alex (Mia hadn't hung out with her pal, Alex in a while)
Sara with Isabella (Sara's pregnant with her second baby)
Lisa with Samantha and her little bro, Jack (we know them from way back in our Gymboree days)
Maria with Farrah (Farrah was GLUED to her mama, then hit the circuit)
Jillian with her Kayli (our neighbors. ONE house down! Kayli braved an appearance after getting shots yesterday..she turned 1 year old on Wed. and is having a b-day party tomorrow, but Mia will be hanging with her Nana &G-PA)
Sarah & her Michael (we hadn't seen in forever and Michael sure has grown)
Sara & Isabella
Sheri & Scott (also hadnt't seen in a while...oh Sheri found her way even though she left her directions at home...that's talent)
Kelly & Grady (our buddies from last weeks' playgroup, and Kelly and I hit MNO on Tuesday together)
Sonia & her twins,Aiden and Ava (won the prize for longest traveled..all the way from Lakeway!!!)

hmmmm I'm not sure how 11 moms came when the limit was 10. Interesting...Well, the more the merrier/louder/funner (I don't care if funner is not a works)

(just noticed I listed Sara & Isabella twice...hence the mathematical error)

Our big living room was barely big enough to contain all the fun, well actually some of the fun spilled into the kitchen. Those fridge magnets are always a hit. Mia shared her toys and had a great time. There were moments when she was just overwhelmed and her Auntie M came to her emotional rescue (sing slowly like Mick Jagger) with Cheerios. Gwen had a great time hanging with all the kids and was drawn to the leap Frog activity table. She's such a cutie.

Oh, Niles was in heaven once I let him out of jail (our room...away from the kids and food)with all the treats left on the floor for him. It was a great morning for everyone :) Here are some pics (none of me, 'cuz I was the one taking the pics, although Melissa took one of me and Mia that I hope turned out):

Melissa hanging out while Gwen her her buddy Michael are all over the LP table

Jillian & Kayli

Melissa, Mia, Gwen, Farrah & Maria

Snackin' Samantha

Sara & Isabella hittin the snacks, too

playdate fun

more playdate fun

yes, MORE playdate fun

what? Still more playdate fun? YES!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Potpourri (not the stinky stuff...random things)

Mia is enamored with her 98 cent lamb book we got at 1/2 price books the other day (when she got her owie). She wants to read it all the time. SHE wants to read it, she will not let us touch it. She even kisses it. I think it's because it's so cutely shaped like a lamb.

Today she pointed at my camera and said 'camera'. She keeps calling Daryl either 'my Dada' (which he adores) or 'Honey' in the tone I use to ask him to do things...'Honey, can you pick up your shoes?' Yeah, he prefers 'my Dada', but the honey thing is really funny...for me :)

Mia wants to do it all...herself and all by herself...don't get to close while she's working on something tough or she'll just glare at you! She wants to put on her own shoes, comb her hair, climb up onto the dinning chairs to play her Elmo computer game. While I love most of this, it's hard to get her to give up the shoe thing when we're trying to get out the door.

Along with 'puppy', Daryl taught her who Bert & Ernie are. She really digs Ernie, but won't give Bert the time of day. Here's a clip of video of her using the furniture like she was at Little Gym, and reading a book about Ernie and Melmo.

She's also picked up 'alright' and says it all the time:
Mama: wanna go?
Mia: Alright
Mama: want a snack?
Mia: Alright

she sounds as ambivalent as a teenager...something I think is cute, but that I'm just not ready for.

Also, when you ask her a question and she doesn't know the answer, she'll raise her hands and shrug her shoulders, and look around in wonderment letting you know that she just doesn't know.

Mia started the Fall semester at
Emler Swim School today. She has the same teacher...Miss Chantal. There are 3 other mama/kid teams, but today was their first day ever. The kids were getting acclimated to the water in their mama's arms, while Mia was wowing them by swimming across the pool! The parents were amazed, and Chantal and I were very proud. After her showboating, Mia got down to some real fun and kept turning herself over and over, splashing and playing, laughing and having the best time. So, thank you, Mom. Mia and I both love her class. *My mom is Mia's swimming and Little Gym patron, and we all appreciate it :)

I also wanted to include a cute little/short clip of Mia kickin a ball around at Texas Jumping Beans yesterday. After a kick or two, she does this high knee giant steps that are amusing.

doing it herself

I just don't know lamby kisses reading her lamb herself pucker up, buttercup

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Last night was Mom's night out for a group I belong to. Daryl was sweet and took care of Mia for the evening while I met with 4 other moms at Buca di Beppo, a great Italian restaurant that I hadn't been to in a while. I had a great time eating, chatting and getting to know everyone better. We barely talked about our kids...for a change :) Very relaxing. When I got home, Mia was all tucked in bed, so Daryl and I had some nice alone time. He told me about all the fun they had. They played, had dinner, he gave Mia long bath, and then they watched a little bit of football while she was curled up on his lap. Today, I was reading some books to her, and she knew some new words like 'puppy'. I told Daryl all the new words she'd learned, and he very nonchalantly said, 'oh, I taught her those last night'. He was so proud of himself, and very cute about it all.

This morning Mia and I hung out with our friends Juliet and Blake at Texas Jumping Beans. I'd never been, but Blake had his first birthday there, and hadn't been back since, and Juliet highly recommended it. Ready Set Play was closed for cleaning, so we spread our wings and hit TJB's. It was also full of inflatables, but it was a totally different set up. The toddler area is a lot better, but there wasn't a 'big slide' that Mia could go up easily. Mia tried a few things, but Blake had no fear and tried everything. Mia and I were wiped out! She took a long nap once we got home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at home, reading books, making dinner and waiting for Daddy to come home.

Mia & Blake about to go up a slide

Blake & Juliet at the top of the slide
Juliet & Blake bouncing away

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Elmo doll & Swingin at Little Gym

Since Mia's been born, I've been collecting the 'codes' found on the inside of Pampers products, and entering them online in their Gifts to Grow program. You get 1 point for every pack of wipies and 1-3 points for diapers depending on the quantity in the box. Well, I've saved up around 120 points and redeemed 80 for a bilingual Elmo doll. It came in yesterday!

Mia's been going to Little Gym since the Spring, and has NOT wanted anything to do with the bars there. Well, ever since I accidentally hit her head on one while trying to pick her up so she could reach it. Ever since then, she's been aggressively opposed to the bars...all 4 of them. Well, that was until last week when she saw how much fun her friend, Sydney, was having. Now she's a swinging fool! Here's a little clip, and you can here other activities in the background, but she wanted no part of them. She started off on one of the thicker bars, but had a hard time holding on. Then we switched to the thinner bar and she really went to town.

big hug and a kiss for good measure look at meeeeeeeeeswingin like a lil monkey Mia's first ponytail Owie sho got from jumping off a chair at 1/2 price books this belly needed a zerbert from Dada giving the Rolling Stones logo a run for it's money got by the tickle monster!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun with Unca Joe & Gwen

Daryl, Mia and I met Unca Joe and Gwen at Ready Set Play this afternoon, and we had a blast! It was really crowded due to a few Birthday parties, but we were able to carve out some room for fun.

We all went up and down the big slide, hung out in the kiddie/slide/ball pit area, and in an inflatable built for jumping...flat and netted. Mia and Gwen love to bounce, but don't we all? Mia hit some of her other favorite attractions, but we all kept going back to the big slide :) I really enjoy going with Daryl, because I get some time to sit on a comfy couch and watch them all run around get sweaty and have fun. I also enjoyed reading a magazine. Speaking of relaxing, Joe had Gwen to himself all day. They had breakfast, hit the duck park and hung out with us while Melissa was getting some time on her own. Yay Melissa!!! Yay Joe!!!
P.S. Daryl and I WERE there, too, but had so much fun taking snaps of Joe, Gwen & Mia!

Joe & Gwen having fun

super slider

Mia can't get enough

a friendly giraffe chatting with Gwen

pretty girl

Here's a cute video of Joe and Gwen sliding

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Amanda!!

It was Amanda's 27th birthday yesterday, so I joined Krista, Gayani, Kim, Elise, Erin, Loren and Diane celebrating her birthday Girls Night Out style. No boys allowed! A delicious sushi dinner at Tomo and then back to Amanda's pad for drinks and an insane game of Catch Phrase. Lovely Krista brought a birthday cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. A yummy slice of that, a glass of champagne and a cigar. Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

Amanda Loves Sushi

Amanda and Tanya Pretty Krista Happy Birthday Amanda!

Friday, August 24, 2007

and they all fall down

Gwen, Livie (yes, we have another Livie. She's Amy's), Phoebe and Gwyneth...and their lovely mamas came over to play this morning.I'm very impressed with Mia's sharing skills...she even shared a DUCK! The kids had a fabulous time playing with Mia's toys... the baby dolls were a hit, and so were the bubbles. Melissa did her thang where she's up then falls down and enchanted the kids....especially Livie. Here's a clip:

This morning, while setting up the toys, Mia found the tunnel and asked for it by name. It was in it's bag, so she drug it to me saying 'tunnel, tunnel'. Now we haven't had it out since we were at the other house, so it's been a while. Just more proof to me that kids are sponges, and talking with them...a lot... is paramount.
Here's a clip of Mia's Tunnel Time:

Love that silly Auntie M

Gwyneth admiring Livie's baby doll This little flower is Phoebe Livie taking a break with a baby doll Mama Amy hanging with Mia...and her baby doll Mama Melissa snuggling her little doll who's got a doll of her own pandemonium Livie can't decide between hats, she goes with BOTH

Phoebe snackin with her Mama, Cheng Chen

Luby doobie doooo (no pics or vid, just a story)

After Mia's nap this afternoon (Thursday...I haven't slept yet, so it's still Thursday to me) we hit Ready Set Play, again. I think we're going to get the membership and save some $$. In such a short time Mia really has gained a lot of confidence there. Today was great because unlike yesterday it wasn't brimming with big kids stifling Mia's fun. She's added another inflatable to her repertoire, and it's hard for ME to make it!

Daryl worked late tonight on a project, so after RSP, Mia and I hopped over to Luby's for dinner. Once I thought of the plan, I was so excited. Dinner out with my daughter, how special. I tried to have a nice lunch with her after swim class last Thursday, but she ended up throwing everything up once back in her car seat. Apparently she'd taken in some water from the pool that just needed to come out...all over her and her car seat while traveling down 183. I digress. A special dinner...I wanted the fried fish (like when I was little...awwww) and Mia wanted the baked fish...really she did. It was also great because I can't even remember the first time my parents took me to Luby's. I've been going for so long. Sunday's with Mom and Dad, and Saturdays with Aunt Penny and cousin Michelle after some shopping. So, I plopped Mia down in I swear what looked like the same highchair. The tray hinges over your head...legs with wheels... Mia was so kind as to help push the tray down the line. Too cute. But when we got to the dinning room, I was disappointed. There were oodles of families. Parents with kids all having dinner like it wasn't anything special. And I'm sure it wasn't, but ours was. Until Mia commanded me to continuously stab her mac n cheese with her fork so she could eat each little piece. She couldn't get the hang of it, got frustrated and became quite the bossy little lady. Nobody awed over my little one, because there were tons of little ones around. She was rather charming pulling her red Luby's balloon around as we were leaving, though.

All in all, it was a nice dinner, but it didn't feel like the good ole Luby's on South 10th.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ready, Set, Play!

We're so close to RSP now, it's been so hot out and this is the perfect way to let her run through all her energy. We've been going a LOT :)

She digs the little slide

Mia going up and down the BIG slide. Pretty brave!

Here's Mia going through one of the inflatable mazes with a Mama Cam view. It's a little long.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sounds of Dinner

Last night, after Mia ate her chicken piccata capers and all, she tried to play peek-a-boo with us, but her Daddy had other ideas of what constitutes as appropriate dinner behavior :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

extra feature: Mia playing with her Dada video

Mia just may be going through another growth spurt! She went to bed @ 7:30pm Sunday night, and didn't wake up till 11am! Then she ate and ate and ate. We hit Ready Set Play for a while, then came home for a nap @ 1pm...yes, she was only awake for 2 hours. When she woke up, we went to a playdate at her friend Keri's house. Mia was the oldest kid, but she was very careful with the little ones, and had a blast. I got to visit with other mamas and play with some other kids, so I had a blast, too :)

We got home around 4:30, and Daryl was home by 5. Yes, 5!!!! It was wonderful to have him home so early. There's a project at work that's been keeping him out until 7 or later most nights. While he so very happily played with Mia, I was able to get dinner cooked without Mia wanting to 'help' me. He was silly and wore Mia's shirt and a pair of my lounge pants on his head much to Mia's excitement! She ate all her dinner, and some of mine. Mia was in bed @ 7:30 and sleep till 9 this morning. Growth spurt.

The Little Gym Fall session is underway, and today was Mia's first class. We have a new teacher, Miss Leah and she's fabulous!! Yay!! There were a few new kids, but many of our old friends, too. It made for a very fun class. Mia has recently been digging the bars. She climbs up on a block, reaches and grabs a bar, then swings her legs forward and just swings and hangs till she drops. She was plopping on her booty, but then noticed her buddy Sydney was landing on her feet. Ohhhhhh my FEET. With a little practice, she's now landing on her feet. Daryl wanted video, but I forgot my camera. Next week.

Mia enraptured with her silly Dada

Sunday, August 19, 2007

yet another fun filled weekend

Saturday morning Daryl was on daddy duty while I took advantage of the tax free weekend. I'm with the Snapper all the time, and even when Daryl's around, I tend to flitter around trying to 'help' him out. But those two have their own ways of doing things, and it's easier sometimes (on everyone) when I'm not around. When I get home, I can tell their bond is stronger, and Mia's needs are satiated by Dada, too.

We got this great vinyl office mat for the playroom. We have so much carpet in this house, Mia needed a surface where she could just get messy. So, we have the play-doh mat. She's played with yellow a lot, and blue only a few times. Oh, and she and Dada made green :) But, whenever she wants to play with the play-doh, she'll come up to me and ask for 'lellow'. We got the Fun Factory...looks like a stapler, but squeezes out the play-doh into different shapes. Mia had a hard time figuring out why shoe couldn't eat the 'spaghetti'. When she's finished, she'll put it all away, and say bye to it.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at Nana and Paw Paw's (spelling change from Pa Pa on Paw Paw's request. He didn't want it to sound like papa) place. We celebrated Tom's birthday. Joe, Melissa and Gwen were on vacation and spent the night. Gwen had her little tent and everything :) We all had such a fun time. Nana had ordered an Eebee doll for Mia, and Mia just didn't know what to do with him at first, but then she lit up and showed him to everyone! She and Gwen took turns feeding him Cheerios. The girls had a great time playing in the waterpark while I was inside helping Tom with dinner. I can't tell you much about what happened outside, but Tom and I had a ball! Then the little cousins took a bath together. The words cute or precious don't even come close to describing them.

Oh, Mia now knows how to open doors! At least only the lever kind for now. She will be kept a close eye on, that sneaky little girl.

Today, I ran some errands in the morning allowing for more Dada/Mia time. I bought Mia her first Elmo shirt. It was a big hit. She kept waving and saying hi to it. She found the boxes her Beatrix Potter collection came in....BLOCKS!!! Then Mia helped me squish bananas for some banana bread. This was the first time we baked together :) She even helped wash the bowl after. Mia's had her own little dish set for some time, but lately she's really been into what we call 'sinking'. She hangs out on her stool, washing her own little dishes.

Oh, speaking of Melmo, Mia really loves the interactive games on

My very own Eebee!!! Thanks Nana :)

Gwen & her Daddy

Nana & Mia all blissed out

Dada teaching Mia how to make an imprint of her toes in Play-Doh

Mama's lil helper (Niles won't miss a drop, either)

Mama's banana squisher


no, she NEVER wants to get down

New Melmo T-shirt, blocks & playing Elmo game on the 'puter

Mia & her Eebee doll

play-doh fun