Friday, June 13, 2008

So Crafty

I've already posted about the Sculpey animals and botanicals. I brought a whole bunch of craft stuff down with us...paints, paper, glue sticks, scissors. Yeah, those kid only-cuts-paper-and-not-hair scissors are amazing..they do NOT cut hair! I experimented on Ita's dog while Mia was not looking...I know I don't have to explain why :) The cutting thing was difficult. Mia's never handled scissors before. They are HARD to work if you don't know how. So, we've been practicing. She cuts gashes into the edges of paper, and I model by cutting different shapes out. Today, we got the glue stick out and she glued my shapes to a very orange piece of paper.

We've also been painting a lot, too. I took advantage of another Michael's 50% coupon and grabbed a canvas for Mia. She painted it, and herself, this morning. Mia wouldn't be Mia if she didn't add a little color to herself....especially her lips :)