Sunday, June 8, 2008


On the drive down to visit my mom in McAllen, Mia and I detoured for a safari adventure. It was just a few miles out of the way, but what fun! Mia couldn't see much from her carseat, so I sprung her out. She ended up sitting on my lap or leaning out the open window trying to feed the wild beasts. The speed limit was 5 mph. Have you ever driven 5 mph? It's sloooooooooooooow! She had a super fun time talking with the animals and driving. Yes, she drove the car. She liked turning the steering wheel at times it most definitely did not need to be turned, but other than looking drunk...she did a great job. She didn't hit a single animal. I have awesome video of her driving, but can't post it till we get back to Austin...keep an eye out for it. We did end up making it to Ita's house, a total of 7 hours driving. Mia was FABULOUS! She watched her shows...yes, I put the dvd player back up...and sang songs from her Music Together cds. Oh, while watching her dvd, I wasn't allowed to listen to the radio. If I tried, all I got was whining....not worth it. Hit my blog to see what MY trip was like :)