Thursday, June 26, 2008

my Djembaby

I've recently taken up African drumming with some dear friends. I'm loving it so, that I bought my own djembe. It's been SO awesome to practice on. Usually Mia dances while I practice, but a lot of the time she wants to jump in or she'll want to play it on her own.

This is the conversation that happens before she's able to play:
Mia: can I play it mama?
Me: what is it?
Mia: it's a DJEMBE !!!! (with great enthusiasm!)
Me: what goes on a djembe?
Mia: my clean hands (as she proudly displays her hands)

Follows the inspection of her hands, and washing if necessary (she once tried to sneak some oatmeal covered hands by me!)

Then we drum drum drum! Mia prefers a drumming song she learns in her Music Together she drums, she sings 'listen, listen everyone. listen to me playyyy my drum....a boom boom boom boom....'


jw said...

aawww, that is super cute! mia is a doll!

cmacc said...

I love the shot of just the hands on the drum. I have become quite fascinated by hands lately and will have to start experimenting with some of my own shots! Very nice!

Andrea said...

Sophia enjoyed listening to me practice for the FIRST time this week. I used my native american drum and she was trying to follow along! We can teach our kids simple drumming patterns. =)