Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Yesterday, Mia and I hit Michael's scored some Sculpey...yay 50% off coupon! We sat together and made some animals for Ita's garden. Mia made two worms and I made a dragonfly, butterfly and an ant. They were baked, and this morning we painted them. Mia, as usual, gave herself a good painting, too. She had it all over her face, hands, legs and feet. She then went up to Ita, and in a very excited voice said, 'Ita, I'm painting!'. Like Ita couldn't tell. Ita is so enchanted by her granddaughter, that she happily sat and listened to the whole painting story. The animals came out pretty well, except for the ant who lost an antenna, and are all in Ita's garden. We were so thrilled with the outcome...we made more today. More butterflies, another ant and I added a couple of bubble bees to the mix...all baked and ready for the paint shop bright and early in the morning :) Oh, how I LOVE pics of my beautiful daughter COVERED in colorful paint!


Stephanie said...

How cute!!! I love all the creatures you made!