Monday, November 19, 2007

Snapper Time!

Mia diggin her Aunt Janice

After running a few errands yesterday morning, we went out to Dripping Springs to Nana & Paw Paw's house to visit and pick up the snapper. When Daryl and I were getting out of the car, I could hear a faint noise of either a little child laughing or screaming....sure enough, once we go through the house and onto the back porch, there was little Mia laughing so hard she was shrieking! She was out there playing with her Nana, Aunt Janice, Buba and Bug. She was playing a game with the dogs where she'd kind of go after them, then turn around and run back to her Nana or Aunt Janice shrieking because the dogs were going to 'get her'. Then she saw her Mama and Dada, and gave us big kisses and hugs, then went back to playing. She...and everyone else were so happy.

Chalking her cue like a pro

Tom and Dee brought some very tasty and expensive brie back from their trip to Europe, and Mia thought the mold on top was icing and the white cheesy part was the cake. She said 'happy to you', so everyone sung Happy Birthday to her, and she ate the 'cake'. From what was left of it, Mia had requested cake a few times that weekend.

Struttin' around with her cow pack-pack

Mia showed us some new tricks that she'd learned out there. She climbed into a deck chair and butt bounced (with her new cow pack-pack attached to her), chalked her own little cue, and she even tried to squash a bee. No, actually she walked on one, and it stung the bottom of her foot. She cried, we washed her feet off, Nana was super smart and put her teething gel on the spot because it has wonderful benzocaine in it. Mia wouldn't have anything to do with an ice pack. Paw Paw investigated the spot with his flashlight and magnifying glass, but couldn't find a stinger. She just moaned and cried in my arms the poor thing. We have her some benadryl and she'd already has some Motrin a little earlier (teething...part of her last tooth popped out!), so we just waited till the medicines kicked in. Mia wanted to watch football on tv and snuggle. Paw Paw has a new rule: Mia is not to be outside without her shoes on. :)

Diggin' for gold

teething on a tothbrush

She just couldn't’t stop wiggling in the car. It was like she wanted out of her own skin. We gave Mia a warm bath when we got home, and that seemed to relax her a little bit. We gave her milk and put her down in her crib, and she fussed till she cried that cry that means ‘I am NOT going to sleep…pick me up NOW!’

Paw Paw and Mia relax

So, we tried to watch Shrek, she had no interest. I got her a play microphone this weekend for Xmas….well, we needed some help, so we broke that out. It gave her something to focus on besides her foot. She tried to stand on it, and just looked at me with this pained face…this is WRONG, Mama! She sat with us a while longer, then she tried again, but this time, she walked on her heel keeping her toes up along with the middle of her foot. She hobbled over to her train, and played with that for a little bit. Then all of a sudden the medicine hit her and she was walking on it without a problem, rubbing her eyes and saying nite nite. The pain was probably so intense for her that it took that long for the meds to bring it down. Once we got her back in bed, she was out like a light.

Mia's red & swollen bee stung foot

This morning, she woke up just fine, and when asked about her boo boo on her foot...she pointed to the wrong one. Good sign! I opted out of our playdate at the zoo this morning and a Thanksgiving craft playdate at Auntie M's this afternoon. After the exciting and fun filled weekend with her Nana, Paw Paw, Memaw and Aunt Janice, this tuckered out little girl needed a slow and relaxed Monday.

Dada kissing it all better

Fun with the Grandparents: