Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gobble Gobble

We're back home and eager to share some of our Thanksgiving escapades.

I was so excited about the trip to the valley, that I could only sleep about 3 hours Tuesday night. We planned on leaving early Wednesday, but Daryl had to do some very important work, so Mia and I took our time finishing up with the packing. We did end up getting on the road around 3pm, but we were one the road :) Sweet Mia was fantastic through the first leg of the trip. We took a Dairy Queen dinner break in Three Rivers. Mia was so thrilled to get out of the car that she spun in circles and hopped all over the restaurant. She had her first taste of watered down pink lemonade. She's quite fond of the 'ade'.
We finally rolled into McAllen around 11pm. The last 15 minutes were pretty hard for Mia. She cried and squirmed a bit, but was thrilled when we pulled up to Ita's house. My mom was up waiting for us, so Mia got some love/play time in the garden room (looking out into the gardens, mom had already put up all her Christmas lights on the trees. It was so beautiful) before bedtime. My mom bought a beautiful crib from one of her friends who's children had outgrown it, and had it all ready for the sleepy girl.

Thanksgiving morning Mia was up before the birds. My mom was awakened by the charming little voice saying 'hi', and there was Mia standing up in her crib ready to start the day. Daryl and I were able to sleep late and that's always a good thing. Later, Mia helped her Ita make some cranberry sauce while I made the stuffing. Then we all piled in the car for my cousin Michelle's home.

Michelle and her husband Rick have 4 children. Kat 14 (Katarina), Kristina 11, Richie 8 (Richard) and Ryan 4. Mia and Ryan gravitated towards each other and he had a blast showing her their 2 turtles, 1 bunny (Oreo), and 2 dachshunds (Simba and Shorty). Kristina's room was very 'girl', and I think Mia preferred Ryan's room that was full of Legos, horses and cars.

In the family room, Richie challenged Daryl to a game of Foosball, and it got pretty crazy (on Richie's side), and I'm still not clear as to who won. Ryan showed Mia their train table and pulled out some Mega Bloks for her. What Mia was really interested in was their swimming pool! Dada was always on Mia patrol while she was outside. She even got him to give her a good spin.

The lunch was so yummy. Michelle cooked up a fabulous turkey, ham, mashed potatoes. We brought the stuffing and cranberries, Ricky's sister, Nora, brought a great salad and sweet sweet potatoes. There were butter rolls, green bean salad, mac n cheese and broccoli & rice casserole. YUMMY!!!! Nora's 3 children were there, too. They and Michelle's kids went on and on about how Mia tried and liked everything that was on their plate. She's always been such a non-picky eater.

While the kids played, the adults chatted and football was watched. Michelle, had colorful sheets of paper for the kids to color on and she helped Mia make her very first hand turkey. Mia was thrilled and was very aware that her turkey said gobble gobble. Then it was time for pie!!! I'm a fan of pumpkin with cool whip, and so is Mia. I think she would have been a fan of any pie, though.

We have out all our thank yous, hugs and kisses...Mia added her love yous, and we piled back in the car. Ryan came out to make sure he said good bye to Mia, and when he took off back inside, Mia was a little said and kept saying 'hug you'. She just wanted to give him another hug :)

Home for seconds from the left-overs then naps for everyone. After our short naps (I could have slept till the next day but Mia's excited squeal woke me up) :) we hung out in the garden room, talking and Mia paraded around in her piggy slippers and dragon hat. She's an avid butt bouncer, and she even shopped a little with her fake food and little grocery cart (thanks Michelle).

Here are some more pics

Dancing at Dairy Queen:

Thanksgiving lunch:

Post-turkey fun: