Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Self control...

....is something I don't have much experience with, and Mia's Christmas gifts are no exception. I ordered some stuff...to get a jump on things, they came in, and they've already been given to the snapper. The microphone was to take her mind off her bee sting, and her scooter came in yesterday. It lasted about 18 hrs in the house before I broke down and gave it to her. She had no idea what was in the box, she wasn't even curious about the box. If the darn box would have been in the garage, I probably would not have given it to her...but we'll never know now :) Today is her 22nd month birthday :)

This whole thing is really causing me to wonder just how my parents waited until Santa came to present us with gifts. How did they DO it? I've rationalized to myself that Mia has no concept of Christmas, gifts...she never asks for anything in the store...so, why wait till that morning more than a MONTH away. Also, she has a little cold and not able to hang with her friends. Now, I do have to mention that my mom has already sent her Christmas gift to Mia...a nifty kitchen...that is still in it's box. I have absolutely no desire to give that to Mia. It's just not mine to give. Daryl will assemble it once Mia's in bet Christmas Eve, and she'll be surprised with it in the morning. Her Ita will be here to see it, too.

It's probably a little too big, but when Caroline (my charge once upon a time ago) was Mia's age now, she was fully able to master her big sister's scooter. I have plans for Mia to hang with the little neighbor boy who scoots around on his scooter. Mia stood on it and bounced up and down hoping that would get her moving. She got off, pushed it forward then got back on. Priceless.Super safe with her Dora (she picked out) helmet, knee and elbow pads. She was sooooo cute when she had them on, standing on her scooter. Waiting for something to propel her forward. She would hang out on it for a while, then take a break, but she kept coming back to it, so I'm pretty sure she likes it.

p.s. Daryl already received and has played with the wii I bought for him. :)

Here's a snip of Mia enjoying her new scooter: