Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hopper Time

Well. I'm feeling a little better. The Doc said I was at the beginnings of a virus...that never came. I never developed any symptoms, and feel fine. My thyroid check won't be in till Wed, but we remembered that I'd been diagnosed with PMDD a few months ago. I haven't had any severe symptoms since then, so I forgot about it. Well, symptoms for hypothyroidism and PMDD are very similar. So, now we're treating the PMDD, and won't forget about it this time. On, to stuff about the snapper...

Yesterday, we went to the Angel Valley Organic Farm in Jonestown. We saw Mama friend, Donna and her crew driving out as we were walking in. Then ran into a fellow Mama, Wendy and her husband Gabe and their kiddo, Zephyr. After I picked out some wonderful looking veg... Brussel sprout greens, red peppers, broccoli, turnips and some Japanese eggplant, we went for a look around the farm. Mia was enchanted by all the hoppers (grasshoppers) around. I caught one for Mia and Zephyr to check out. Mia loved it, Zephyr was not very impressed and swatted it from my hand...let's hope it survived the fall. They both loved the chickens, though.

Then we went for lunch at our fav little Mexican restaurant in Cedar Park, Los Reyes. It was yummy, as usual. Then we headed home for the UT game. Mia learned how to say 'hook 'em horns' and was able to get her pointer and pinkie fingers to make the hook 'em sign ... only once. She did love running around saying hook 'em while waving the peace sign around :)

cutie at the farm

checkin' out a hopper Mia found another stick to write with Hittin' the bottle during half time

It's hopper time:

Hook 'em...sort of, but not really: