Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Izzy!

Today is Izzy's birthday! We helped celebrate last weekend at her super duper fun party! Izzy wanted a slumber party, but since Izzy and her pals were a little too young, mama Courtney decided a breakfast pajama party would be the next best thing....and it ROCKED! First off, we all went in our pj's, then the kids make their own sleep shirts, played in the bazillion swimming pools, and topped it off with yummy strata and a HUGEMONGOUS Round Rock donut 'cake'!!!!

a few of my favorite shots... all of them are here

Happy Birthday Sweet Izzy!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer's Greatest Hits

With Labor Day coming up, does that mean summer is ending? While I'm looking forward to the cooler days for fall, I'll miss all the water play and all the fun in the warm sunshine. Here are some of my fave shots from the fabulous summer of 'o8.

Mia's pal, Layla

my loving Honey
my honey showing our snapper how to write 'i love you' in the sand
Mia's friend, T who happens to be Layla's lil bro...this one makes me giggle every time!

my fave flowers from Ita's garden...Ita is my mama :)
Mia with her Ita of Ita's fave things to do in the whole world

Mia's friend, Zephyr
Mia's Nana...Daryl's Port O'Connor. This is my most fave shot of her ever.

Theme Thursdays

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Casa T...the fun continues

It's Wednesday, so Mia was at Casa T today! Her first day was last week, but today she spent the whole day there...napped and everything...for 2 hours!!!!! I love how Andrea blogs about Mia's day there. I can be a fly on the wall. I've noticed I truly enjoy watching Mia with her her teachers. Ms. Andrea, Miss Jennifer (Mia started swim classes at Emler again yesterday. Yes, she's still a fish...Bonus: we saw Anika fish and Mama Anja there, too! and Anja's super smart cousin who just earned her masters of law at Harvard!!!!), and Ms. Misty her nastics coach. Mia is her own person, and I love that. If you'd like to read about how I spent my day hop over to my blog all about me :)

all of the following shots were taken by Andrea

Mia loves puzzles ( i love how she's holding the one in her left hand)

I think she was making a little doll...she's's a very good thing

ahhhh Mia the girl who's in charge of the napkins

(i heart the little specks of green paint on her L thumb)
Lovely Sophia pushing Mia on the swing....I'd know those lil piggies anywhere!
girls digging the sandbox...I heard it's Mia's fave place to hang

Monday, August 25, 2008

Just One Day?

Ya know when you meet someone for the first time, and everything falls into place oh so nicely? That's exactly what happened when we visited with David (Dee/Nana's brother), Sheila, Irene and Juliet. Since they live in Manhattan, and we live in Austin, there just aren't many chances to hang out. We've exchanged a few holiday cards... but that's it until last week when we all hung out for one afternoon while they were in town. Everyone had the best time, and I know we'd LOVE to see them more often! Sheila was soooo easy to talk with...about everything, and poor David was up and down the elevators (or as Mia would say, alligators) fetching their camera, a sweater, bug repellent...and just to give the girls a ride up and down the, elevator. That just comes with the territory when you travel with 3 ladies :) We had a tasty lunch and then swam in the pool till the rain came. All I can say is 'just one day?'

I just realized that I don't have a single shot of Tom and Dee, but they're always around...just look
here, here, and here or my flickr family page!

I had a fun time processing these shots...even got to play with the texture tutorial from photo pal, Christina. Here's a before and after of the lovely Sheila, and then the rest.

my honey is behind Joe (guy getting hugged by Sheila)..this is the only shot of him :(

Almost Fifteen ~ Best Shot Monday

Last week, some of Daryl's relatives came into town from NY. We all got together for lunch then a dip at the hotel pool. Regardless what the rest of us were doing, Irene was entranced by her well-read book....unless she was on her cell phone....the life of a girl at (almost)fifteen.

red BSM button

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friends are fun

Besides Mia's first day of school this Thursday, we had a very fun filled week with our friends.

first stop - pool party w/ Freya and friends

Sweet Austin's Mama, Allison sewed up a nap mat cover for Mia

topped off with a dance party with Gwen