Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Valentine's Day continued...

Thanks for all the sweet words about our little cupid. For the record...I did take the picture myself (tweaked the color a smidge on the puter). Here's some proof:

(hint: you can see the knob to our back door and the wrapping paper I taped up as a backdrop, is falling down)

One of Mia's birthday gifts I ordered was sent to Daryl's old address...the Split Rail address! That was from 5 years ago, but still his main one on Paypal (it's now been updated). Once I figured out it had been mailed there, I drove over and left a sweet ' one of our baby (to add more of a sympathy plea) girl's birthday gifts has been sent her by mistake..here's our #....a million thanks...) Well, we never heard anything and the lady who made it said she hadn't either. We thought we'd never see it.

But wait, last week we received a call from a lady that said she'd had it but couldn't find my note until now!!! Yay!! Mia received her Toothy Snake Bone (a softie) on Valentine's Day!!!


lltanderson said...

YAY for toothie snake bone! glad he found his way home! what a great but frustrating story about an out-of-date paypal address!

lltanderson said...

oh, one more thing...a basset puppy?!?! omigod, the cutenss meter is going to just go straight through the roof. can't wait to see him/her!