Friday, March 14, 2008

Flippin' Flippers

Some friends (and strangers) have asked if I have any cravings or food aversions.

Boo loves:
blueberry pancakes
2 tacos for $1 from Jack in the Box
blueberry pancakes
migas (mine only)
ice cream sandwiches (only right before bed)
blueberry pancakes
flax waffles with chunky PB, and raspberries squished on top
Amy's pesto pasta
anything with protein

Boo does NOT love:
the smell of Mia's Poopie diapers
the smell of Daryl's breath after drinking a dark beer
the smell of steamed broccoli
when Daryl eats over easy eggs...Yuck!!
when I cook chicken

Last night, while cooking up some of Boo's fav blueberry pancakes, Mia hopped up on her stool at the other end of the counter wanting to 'flip, flip, flip!' some pancakes. I told her that she couldn't, it was hot, danger, it would hurt her.... but she's two, and wanted to flip, flip, flip! All I wanted were some pancakes :)
Then Daryl came in, and I thought he would pick her up (with her legs kicking), take her to the other room and try to distract her...this rarely works once she has her heart deeply set on something. But, no, Daryl didn't do that. He sweetly reached around me (I got a kiss, too) found another spatula, took an already prepared pancake (I usually double if not triple the recipe and make a million, so I'll have some when the next craving hits), went over to Mia, gave her both the spatula and pancake and told her to 'FLIP!' Mia was THRILLED! I was amazed, and there he was, Super Dada, teaching his daughter how to flip pancakes :) It kept her busy for at least half and hour. There we all were in the kitchen, a happy family making blueberry pancakes for Boo.

the aftermath