Monday, January 28, 2008

January Birthday Bash ~ More Cupcakes

Cole Snacks
This morning, Mia and I hosted a January Birthday Bash for all the birthdays that were celebrated in's part of the Social/ Dinner Club. We had 4 birthdays to celebrate. Blake turned 2, Roarke turned 5, Mia turned 2 and Mama Stephanie will have her birthday this Wednesday.

Even though some friends were sick and couldn't come over, we had quite a turn out. We hadn't seen Kathy and her Julian & Clara since last month at Chick-fil-a. Roarke was his usually hammy self wearing a duck toy bin on his head, wearing up to 4 hats at one time and digging himself on TV. I think I finally got a good sense of what Cole's about. He's such a love bug. Hugging Mia and blowing me kisses as he was walking out the door. What a sweetie. Little, well, not so little Michael came over with his Mama Ashley, and had a great time scooting around in search of toys, and his new little friend, Clara :) Blake was captivated by the trucks and Mardi Gras beads, and was super cute in Mia's cowboy hat.

Michael digs Clara

The Star Station was a hit, as were balls and Mardi Gras beads. It was a nice, mellow and relaxing way to spend a cloudy Monday morning. If I could only get rid of these pesky allergies. I coughed so much last night, I sounded so hoarse this morning. Oh, I can't forget that Jillian popped over for a little bit. She's been so sick with morning sickness, that she's only at 9 weeks and has already lost 10 lbs! She went to her OBGYN appt this morning, and she was able to check her baby out and see a very strong heartbeat :)

Mia snuggles with her pal, Jillian

More pics from today, and Mia's 24th month of fun

Star Station Stars: