Friday, September 7, 2007

Phoebe is Phabulous!

Our friends Cheng Chen & Phoebe (her little one) hosted a playdate at their pad today, and we had the most fun! First off, they live in a part of Milwood that has huge old trees canopying the road. The drive was serene, so I took it slow and Mia and I meandered through the, with the toll roads, we were a little early ;) Their house was a charming blue with red shutters and a red door. Cheng Chen decorated with a modern flair. Colorful furniture and art work. I had a fun time just being around such fun colors. Nothing against our beige box, but compared to their home, we live in a beige box :)

The kids had a great time with all of Phoebe's toys. I'm so glad she had so many, I was starting to feel like Mia had too many. But I feel a lot like Cheng Chen and Amy, there are all these learning experiences to be had, and some of the stuff is fun for ME to play with. We had great snacks..Mmmm I do love those Whole Foods scones. As Phoebe says, they're delicious. All the kids played so wonderfully together, and the mamas laughed, chatted and had a good ole time. Phoebe rode her stuffed horse that was about a foot long. Mia and Blake really dug the Eric Carle blocks, Livie loved the Mr. Potato Head-like Elmo, and they all had fun with all the plastic food. She even had plastic dim sum! One more thing, they have the cutest bow-legged dog. I wish I would have taken a pic.

On the drive home, Mia snuggled with her Eebee doll. She's taken to chewing on his hair...she's teething her last 2 teeth!

the hostess with the mostess

Mia trying to try on Amy's flip-flop

Phoebe, not at all camera shy, posing on her white horse

chewing on her friend

happily tired Snapper